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Prashant Khare

Research Assistant,



In such a fascinating and perplexing world it’s often difficult to define your interests, although academically and professionally at least the answer for me is web science! The amount of power and the scope it has to assist humans in day to day endeavors is incredible. Rather than replacing man with machine the web should empower people with tools that will greater reward their effort without compromising their intelligence.

Before joining DERI I worked with one of the world’s leading IT companies for couple of years as a software engineer and later pursued my Masters degree in Web Technologies at the University of Southampton in the UK. My Masters thesis investigated the ways in which existing research information sources could be mined and integrated using Semantic Web tools and techniques.

I’m delighted to join a leading research institute in Insight (then DERI), where our team is exploring how the journalism could be enriched and made smarter through systematic mining of the tremendous amount of User Generated Content (UGC) on Social Media.

Outside of work I’m a keen cricket fan and love to pick up a bat and ball and play whenever I get a chance. If not cricket, you’ll either find me closely following unfolding political scenarios or listening to music.


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