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Pablo Torres Tramón

PhD Candidate



From an early age I realised that technology was going to be a key factor in the development of virtually every sector of both scientific research and business. That belief led me to complete an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Masters in bioinformatics both at the University of Santiago. Whilst working as a programming engineer at Yahoo I discovered the semantic web and its almost endless potential applications. I also worked programming in programming refactoring for concurrent environments in Chile before crossing the atlantic ocean to join Insight (then DERI) in early 2013.

Aside from computing, my next love is music, classical music in particular. I’ve played piano since I was a boy and can also get a few tunes out of a guitar or a violin. I’ve also enjoy composing and whilst I’ve a bit of work to do to emulate the likes of Händel, Bach or Dvorák, I have written some songs and musical arrangements in my personal style. In Chile I was member of the choir of the local pentecostal evangelical church. One of the most enriching experiences of my life was working to help underprivileged children as well as prisoners in Puente Alto jail through the church community.