Mohamed Adel

Research Assistant,

I am a Research Assistant at HuJo, Insight@NUIG. I have a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems awarded with “Distinction – Class of Honor” and ranked top of 2010 Class,  Information Systems and Computers department, Faculty of Commerce Alexandria University, Egypt. My last position before joining HuJo, was Teaching Assistant and Master’s student at the department of ISC where he was teaching Information System Undergraduate laboratories, supervising last year students’ graduation projects, studying my master’s courses, and Co-Founding which is a small startup wishing to offer e-business semantically oriented applications.

My prior work experience was Oracle applications support specialist that included the tasks of Administrating and Maintaining Alexandria University M.I.S Applications.

My area of expertise is Semantic web technologies and concepts adaptation to the needs of  possible realms usages (ex. Digital content annotation and classification for different use cases, sectors and needs). Currently, my is working on knowledge extraction, content annotation, classification and archiving for social media to build a social archive branch in the Digital Repository of Ireland.

I believe in maintaining a life – work balance would ensure a long-term productivity and peace of mind, so that he spends his free time in playing various sports as Basketball, Football, volleyball, Handball, and Cycling. I also joined Navy Scout when he was a kid. I enjoys traveling, reading and social networking.