HuJo launches Hacks/Hackers Dublin

HuJo is delighted to announce the first Hacks/Hackers Dublin meet-up. The meet-up is taking place on Monday September 16th at 6:30pm in the Library Bar, upstairs in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street.

It’s going to be a very informal affair, where journalists and programmers can meet up to discuss ideas around new media formats. The event will feature a short talk from Paul Watson, CTO at Storyful.

The meet-up is also coinciding with DCU’s media conference held earlier that day. Hacks/Hackers will be attending and promise to drag along some of the speakers to the Library bar that evening. The conference (http://www.mediaconferencedcu.com/) features some international leading experts on the changing media landscape including NPR’s Andy Carvin and author of ‘We the media’, Dan Gillmor as well as some ‘luminaries’ from the Irish media scene. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest, and we are expecting a good crowd there on Monday the 16th.

If you would like to attend please sign up to the event via this link.


Image courtesy of Simon Fitzpatrick

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