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How to set up a Data Journalism blog: a step by step guide

This post was originally written for Your Data Stories project blog. YourDataStories is a European research project which envisions to combine and fuse the two suppliers of open data (traditional producers and user-generated content) and to exploit the added value from this amalgamation in order to better satisfy the needs of the “demand side” – meaning citizens, journalists and others.

YourDataStories is all about enabling everyone – citizens, journalists, and other professionals – to create their own data stories. One might ask him or herself, why not setting up an own Data blog? Such can be for private amusement, serve as a portfolio for students and professionals, or simply function as a data blog directly associated with a company. This post sets up a guideline that leads you through the process of launching your own data blog.



Social Media in the Newsroom workshop at ICWSM – round up

The Social Media in the Newsroom workshop took place on the 17 June 2016 in Cologne, as part of the ICWSM Conference. The workshop was aimed at the intersection of social media and journalism, as a subset of Computational and Data Journalism, with a focus of the ever growing ability of social media for capturing and announcing breaking news. The workshop participants were keen on furthering the development of tools to facilitate access to social media for news and media professionals, as well as on gaining more insights into social media’s benefits from a journalistic perspective. (more…)


International workshop on “Social Media in the Newsroom” at ICWSM

Insight News Lab is co-organising a workshop on “Social Media in the Newsroom” at the 10th International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2016), taking place on 17th May in Cologne, Germany.

Hashtag: #SMnews

This workshop aims to focus on the intersection of social media and journalism, as a subset of Computational and Data Journalism. It will particularly focus on the development of novel algorithms, methods, and tools, and to further understand and to make the most of social media content for the purposes of news and media industries and journalism practitioners. (more…)


Postdoctoral Researcher position in Social Media Mining for News

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics at National University of Ireland, Galway (formerly known as DERI), is seeking an outstanding candidate for a Postdoctoral Researcher or a Research Associate in Social Media Mining for News and Data Journalism. The successful candidate will work within the Insight News Lab (Digital Humanities and Journalism group) at the Insight @NUIG, on a project on ‘a socially aware multimedia enrichment solution for journalists and newswire subscribers’, funded by the Science Foundation Ireland. (more…)


What does movie length tell us about the industry?

It increasingly seems that a trip to the cinema cuts as heavily into your evening as it does your wallet. Sometimes, breaching the two hour limit seems to be almost compulsory; the average viewer would be hard-pressed to stifle a yawn as Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall St plods into its third hour of high-finance debauchery.

A quick look at the charts bear out the basic intuition, as long (and over-long) blockbusters dominate the box office. In 1980, only one movie (The Empire Strikes Back) in the top 5 grossing in the United States stretched past the two hour mark. In 2014, only one (The Lego Movie) did not. In the top 10, there’s a similar symmetry – 1980 saw seven movies clock in at less than 2 hours, 2014 saw three. (more…)


Archiving Tweets: Reckoning with Twitter’s Policy

The challenge of preserving social media is an important topic in the contemporary data landscape. In the case of Twitter, millions of tweets are issued every day,  and the conversations that happen on Twitter form an essential record of our time; but like all records, this conversation can disappear if not adequately preserved. Vint Cerf from Google spoke to the media recently about the danger of a “digital dark age”, as current storage methods become obsolete. To most people, especially those working in digital preservation, this was not surprising information. (more…)


#SMArchiving: International Workshop on Social Media Archiving at Hypertext 2015

Insight News Lab is co-organising a workshop on Social Media Archiving at the 26th ACM Hypertext and Social Media Conference, taking place 1-4 September 2015 at the Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus.

The workshop focuses on the archiving and annotation of content produced on social media, and builds on our work on the Social Repository of Ireland Project, conducted with the Digital Repository of Ireland. This is a multidisciplinary workshop, which will stimulate an exchange of ideas between research and industry, including the domains of news media, digital archiving and preservation, social network analysis, semantic web and linked data, communication studies and cultural studies. (more…)


Twitter says YES to #MarRef: How Same-sex marriage referendum played on Twitter

On Friday May 22nd the country voted for the first ever same-sex marriage referendum. Voters were asked whether the Constitution should be changed so as to extend civil marriage rights to same-sex couples.

In the build up to the same-sex marriage referendum Twitter was one of the platforms used for exchanging ideas. We looked into Twitter conversations and tracked the hashtags which were being used during the campaigning. We have collected over half a million tweets from 28th April 2015 to 23rd May 2015. For this article we have focused on one week of the referendum and collected just under 200,000 tweets from Monday 18th May to Saturday 23rd May, 11:00 a.m. Our collection has been for the following hashtags: marref, (#voteyes and #marref), (#voteno and #marref) and #yesequality. In the case of #voteyes and #voteno, we carefully paired them with #marref to make sure we are not collecting noise tweets for any other campaigns which may be happening around the globe, with yes and no votes. (more…)

HuJo RA Vacancy

Research Assistant/Software Engineer vacancy on News360 project in ccollaboration with RTÉ

The Digital Humanities and Journalism group at the INSIGHT National Centre for Data Analytics @NUI Galway is seeking an outstanding candidate for a Research Assistant or Research Associate position in the Social Semantic Journalism realm. The successful candidate will work on a project in collaboration with the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ, on ‘social news detection and contextualisation’. The project is jointly funded by RTÉ and the Science Foundation Ireland. (more…)

Survey cover web4

First National Survey on Irish Journalists’ use of Social Media

After collecting and analysing data from hundreds of professional journalists working in Ireland, HuJo is releasing a comprehensive report on Irish Journalists’ use of Social Media. This is the first survey of such undertaken in Ireland and is being launch on the 7th January 2015 at the “Citizen Journalism and Social Media Archiving” minitrack of the  48ht Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences (HICSS 48). HICSS is #1 Infirmation Science conference in terms of citations according to Google Scholar. Dr. Bahareh Heravi and Dr. Natalie Harrower, two of the authors of the survey report, co-chair the minitrack on “Citizen Journalism and Social Media Archiving”. (more…)