Author: Fergal Gallagher

ONANYC Panel, image courtesy of @DavidClinchNews ONANYC Panel, image courtesy of @DavidClinchNews

Social savvy journalists gather in NYC to discuss the future of UGC in News

ONE HUNDRED hours of video is now uploaded every minute. Soon there will be more user generated content than professionally produced media.  But what does this mean for the media industry? Storyful’s Mark Little joined a panel of expert social media journalists met at an event at AP offices in New York on Tuesday evening […]

Web Summit Stage

HuJo at the Dublin Web Summit

Dublin felt like the centre of the tech world this week as the razzmatazz of the Web Summit descended on the city. Over the course of the two days NASDAQ bell was rung, the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) was driven on stage in an electric supercar by Elon Musk and the world’s most famous skateboarder, […]


Hacks/Hackers gets Dublin reboot

Hacks/Hackers Dublin was rebooted on Monday night with the first meeting taking place in the salubrious surroundings of the Library Bar at the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street in the heart of the city. There was an enthusiastic crowd of both Hacks (journalists) and Hackers (techies) and we were even joined by some international guests […]


Conference asks: Can we trust our news?

Media experts were not in short supply in Dublin City University (DCU) on Monday, as they gathered to discuss the future of their industry and address the title question of the conference – ‘Can we trust our news?’. The DCU media conference was co-organised by the host university and Arizona State University (ASU) and featured […]


Muckraking a path to a career in journalism

Newspapers are in decline, broadcasters are cutting budgets, online doesn’t pay, so who’d be a journalist these days? Despite the black clouds hanging over the industry there seems to be no shortage of would be journalists willing to give it a go. 23-year-old Belfast native, Lyra McKee, was bitten by the journalist but at an […]

RTE sign cropped

Inside RTÉ’s Digital Archive

Thanks to Google search and YouTube, these days we expect to be able to call up pretty much any image or video with a simple search and a few clicks of a mouse.  However, all the data accessible online doesn’t just appear there by accident. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but there was a time […]

Bezos WaPo

Why did Jeff Bezos buy the Washington Post?

Last week many mourned an end of an era, as the Graham family sold the Washington Post to Jeff Bezos, owner of for somewhere in the region of $250 million. For the mourners it signalled the end of a golden age in American journalism, during which the paper’s stories managed to bring down a […]

Irish journalists interviewing government ministers. Photograph by William Murphy (informatique) Irish journalists interviewing government ministers. Photograph by William Murphy (informatique)

Hujo launches national survey on Irish journalists’ use of social media

Social media has become a vital tool to the modern journalist. From Syria, to Turkey and Brazil international news stories are being broken by ordinary citizens on social media everyday and it’s not just serious news. The latest football transfer rumours or celebrity scandal is now more likely to break on twitter than by conventional […]